Thursday, October 15, 2015

Brazil: Ecological Park in Marituba, Belém do Pará - A place to be happy!

A must to see and to visit place that you will love in your trip to Belém, State of Pará, north of Brazil is the 'Terra do Meio' Rural Restaurant that is located in an ecological park in Marituba, 15 minutes of Belém, with 200,000 square meters of rivers and forest.

Two kilometers of trails. The silence all the time is broken by the singing of birds, or the talk of the visitors. And the subject is always the same: the plants, the trees, the birds and perhaps a distracted agouti, eating lunch under a chestnut tree or cumaruzeiro.

It also has a canoe trip along the river and refreshing bath under the flooded forest of trees or amidst the Mururé mat.

You may even give food to the fish. Food that fish likes. Fish and turtle.

It's program for man, woman, boy and girl, big and small. What the ancients called family.

Credits: Photos by Marcia MonteiroBittencourt and terradomeio

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