Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bahia is going to produce bottled coconut water without chemical preservatives

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From March, Bahia starts to produce bottled coconut water without preservatives, using unique technology in the world. To check the development of the Group Aurantiaca in the municipality of Conde, 182 km from Salvador, the state secretary for Industry, Commerce and Mining, James Correia, overflew on Wednesday (8) over the 2200 hectares of coconut trees of agricultural division of the group - which includes Brazilian and North American partners - and visited the industrial fiber processing facilities, bottled water and milk and coconut oil, called Industrial Frysk.

"It really is an extraordinary venture for its lavishly appointed and huge installations. It has an investment value of R$370 million (over $155 million) with 1 thousand significant number of direct jobs in a city that has an economically active population of 6000 people. Both farms as the factory will give an extraordinary impetus to a region that has virtually only artisanal fishing and tourism as economic activities," said Correia, who was received by Vice President of Aurantiaca Group, Roberto Lessa.

"We will have the best coconut water in the world, no preservatives, allowing us to make a smooth process of pasteurization, increasing durability and flavor of the product," guarantees Lessa, after testing in Brazil and France laboratories. 

According to the executive, Frysk bet high on the decline of carbonated beverages - soda - and on Brazilian and worldwide increased consumption of coconut water. And the numbers are encouraging: in U.S., trade in coconut water rose from $ 6 million in 2008 to R $ 600 million in 2013.

By the end of 2014 the production units of milk and coconut oil should also be in operation. In a third step, the Frisk also will produce coconut flour. And the waste that are left in all the activities will be processed into biomass to fuel boilers and generate electricity through the steam.

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