Saturday, May 25, 2013

Let's go to start knowing the Brazil, its States and beauties

The most densely populated parts of Brazil are in the south-central regions, which include major urban conglomerates like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Because of the rapid growth experienced by this Country in terms of urban development, industrialization and population at the beginning of the 21st century, Brazil is facing a number of social, environmental and political challenges. However, it is also because of this growth that it is doing so well in terms of its economy.
In terms of the local culture, Brazil continues to be influenced by the traditions and customs of the Portuguese. This is evident in the architecture, music, literature, cuisine, dance, religion and theater of the country.
As the Host Country for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, it is guaranteed an influx of travelers and football fans from around the world. 
Let's start talking about the States and its Capitals and in later posts we'll start showing major cities and some other beautiful places.
Our Country is formed by the union of the Federal District, the 26 states and 5.565 municipalities.
So in alphabetical order we have the following States with its Capitals:
  1. Acre - Capital: Rio Branco
  2. Alagoas - Capital: Maceió 
  3. Amapá - Capital: Macapá 
  4. Amazonas - Capital: Manaus 
  5. Bahia - Capital: Salvador 
  6. Ceará - Capital: Fortaleza
  7. Federal District - Capital: Brasilia
  8. Espírito Santo - Capital: Vitória
  9. Góias - Capital: Goiânia
  10. Maranhão - Capital: São Luís
  11. Mato Grosso - Capital: Corumbá
  12. Mato Grosso do Sul - Capital: Campo Grande
  13. Minas Gerais - Capital: Belo Horizonte
  14. Pará - Capital: Belém
  15. Paraíba - Capital: João Pessoa
  16. Paraná - Capital: Curitiba
  17. Pernambuco - Capital: Recife
  18. Piauí - Capital: Teresina 
  19. Rio de Janeiro - Capital: Rio de Janeiro 
  20. Rio Grande do Norte - Capital: Natal 
  21. Rio Grande do Sul - Capital: Porto Alegre 
  22. Rondônia - Capital: Porto Velho 
  23. Roraima - Capital: Boa Vista 
  24. Santa Catarina - Capital: Florianópolis 
  25. São Paulo - Capital: São Paulo 
  26. Sergipe - Capital: Aracajú 
  27. Tocantins - Capital: Palmas

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