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BRAZIL: "Capixabas" attractions

"Capixaba" it's the adjective that qualifies people born in the capital of the state of Espírito Santo (Vitória) or Espirito-Santense for other places of the state but the name "capixaba" with the popular use of this adjective was extended to all those from Espírito Santo.

Vitória , the small and cozy capital of Espírito Santo, is a city on the southeast coast of Brazil, famous for its beaches and its culture, and for its proximity from many other tourist destinations in the state. Most of the city's neighborhoods are surrounded by parks and forests and many cultural events add an extra bliss to the city throughout the year. One might also consider staying in a hotel in Vitória while visiting nearby cities and regions of interest during the day like Vila Velha, Guarapari, Domingos Martins, or Serra, all of them with many attractions less than 2 hours away by car or bus.  (source: wikitravel)

The city is formed by an archipelago with 34 islands. The 3rd bridge connects the capital to the Vila Velha County, which has important monuments such as the Convento da Penha and the 38th Infantry Battalion of the Army.

Convent of Penha in Vitória. Photo viajeaqui

Bridge that connects Vitória to Vila Velha

Vitória. Beach of Camburi

Beach of Camburi


Other Main Attractions of Espirito Santo:

1) Guarapari is a coastal town and it's a part of Greater Vitória, 47 km south of the state capital. It's a well-known tourist destination, known for its curving white sand beaches backed by commercial development. Guarapari attracts many tourists from around the world thanks to its natural beauties and monazite sands (radioactive) with therapeutic virtues that are the hallmark of the city called Health's City. With 28 beaches and good hotel chain, enough to attract 700,000 tourists in the summer. 

Blue Marlin Fish statue, the starfish of Guarapari!


Beaches of Castanheira e Areia Preta. Photo Flickr by Brasil


Beach of Meaípe, Guarapari. Photo Flickr by Leo Soares

2) Parque da Cebola (Stone Onion's Park) This park turned a postcard of the Espirito Santo because it has a stone on onion format. At night, this stone gets special lighting, making it even more beautiful place. The park is also great for a walk with children as it has a little farm, birds and plenty of green space. 

Stone Onion Park (Parque Pedra da Cebola)

3) Domingos Martins is approximately 60 km west of the state capital, Vitória, and is 542 meters above sea level. It's in the mountainous region of the state and is marketed as the "Green City", since it's surrounded by subtropical rainforest, much of which has disappeared in the rest of the region. Within its borders lie mountains of up to 2000m, amongst which is the well-known Pedra Azul State Park consisting mainly of a quartzite rock jutting out of the surrounding landscape at 1,822m above sea level. It has a blue tinge to the stone due to the kind of lichens which grow on it, which gives the name to the formation and the park.

Pedra Azul State Park (Blue Stone)

Cachoeira da Fumaça is located in the Fumaça Falls State Park, with a drop of 144m high; the waterfall attracts hundreds of visitors. In Domingos Martins.

Zen Buddhist Monastery: The first Buddhist monastery in Latin America today is a center where Soto Zen Buddhism joins the Brazilian reality to transmit the Buddha ancient teachings.

Zen Buddhist Monastery
Mountain's Train: Train rail tour that starts from an altitude of 15 meters above sea level and reaches its destination at an altitude of 530 meters, giving to the passengers a stunning landscape of the mountains, the sea and the Atlantic Forest, going through bridges, tunnels and waterfalls.

Mountain's train

Entrance to the park and water cascades

Water Cascade (Cascata do Galo in DomingosMartins, ES). Photo: viagembrazil

4) Conceição da Barra:

Dunes of Itaúna. With fine sand dunes up to 30m high and wild beaches, Itaúnas in Conceição da Barra (ES), hosts forró festivals that attract many young people from other states. Photo by viajeaqui

Photo viajeaqui

Beach of Riacho Doce. It has a stream of dark color, rich in lanolin, a substance that leaves hair soft. Thatched hut serve beer and fish. Photo by Thiago

5) Cachoeiro de Itapemirim  is a municipality and a major town, located in the south of Espírito Santo, Brazil, on the banks of the Itapemirim River. It is the economic hub of southern Espírito Santo, being the most important producer of marble and granite in Brazil. Home to one of the biggest intercity bus companies, it is a very well-connected city.

Pedra do Itabira (Stone of Itabira)

Big tree's root on the way to the trail going to Pedra do Itabira

The Fair and the Nun rocks

The Friar and the Nun are granite rock formations located in Itapemirim, whose neighboring municipalities are: Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Rio Novo do Sul and Vargem Alta. It is located in the southern state of Espírito Santo, Brazil.

Cachoeira Alta (Tall waterfall): This is the largest waterfall rappelling in the Espírito Santo. This gigantic falling allows a drop of 100 m!

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