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Since last Friday, Feb, 28th, and until Ash Wednesday, March, 05th, Brazil is taken by thousands of people on the streets to celebrate its biggest party of the year: Carnival or Mardi Gras as many other countries usually call.

While locals describe the Rio Carnival as “the greatest show on Earth”, celebrations of one kind or another will take place in cities across the whole country.

Lets see some pictures of carnival from some States of Brazil right now:

São Paulo: first day. Sao Paulo’s Carnival is known for its competition for the Samba award, as the city’s dance schools compete to get the most audience members involved.

Rio de Janeiro: According to the city’s tourism board, in Rio alone the Carnival will generate around BRL $950 million (£250 million), three-quarters of which comes from tourists alone. Rio Carnival is always celebrated the weekend before the beginning of Lent and ends on 'Fat Tuesday', the day before the start of Lent, Ash Wednesday. There are more than 200 different Samba schools that participate in the Rio Carnival.

Recife/Olinda: the Carnivals in Recife and Olinda have a distinct style which is greatly influenced by the African and Indian tribes who were slaves during the Portuguese rule. People have the opportunity to experience the vibrant spirit of the Carnival by participating whole-heartedly rather than just watching from the sidelines.
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Salvador: Ever since the Carnival came to Brazil, Salvador has always presented a unique way of celebrating the biggest street party on the planet. In true African spirit, the Carnival in Bahia is a celebration of happiness; a spirit which involves participation by everyone. All are welcome to join in the celebration through song, music, and dance.The distinctive rhythms of the Bahian drummers overwhelm the 1 million revelers who dance until the wee hours every morning during the Carnival. The Carnival in Salvador in all its frenzy does not forget to re-establish the ‘Black Pride’, with the followers of Filhos de Gandhi or Sons of Gandhi group making a strong statement of peace and brotherhood at the Carnival, spreading the ideals of the Mahatma.
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