Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brazilian Folk Art

Thought it was very interesting! All credits to the blog A paisagem dos dias

Once upon a time Brazilian girls brought up in the countryside were forbidden by their strict parents to go out and flirt with boys. Left with no other choice, these girls spent the whole day by the window of their houses to catch some attention of the candidates on the street.
This tale is the background story of the typical Brazilian sculptures shared on this post. They are named “namoradeiras de janela”, translated as flirtatious girls by the window. No wonder why they wear red lipsticks, low cleavages and have a tanned skin! These girls are ready to catch a good match! 

With one arm resting on the window and the other holding the face, flirtatious girls seem that are clearly waiting - waiting for the love of their lives. 

Inspired by the tale,  artisans from all over Brazil reproduce beautiful flirtatious girls sculptures. 
Some sculptures have a sweet and dreamy look, others have a slippery, almost sinful looking. It is art imitating life ...

All pictures credit to blog A paisagem dos dias

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