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Some interesting facts about Alagoas and beaches...many beaches!!

Alagoas has 17 ponds and this is what gave its name (pond mean "lagoa" in Portuguese).

The first President of Brazil was from Alagoas (Marshal Deodoro) and 2nd (Floriano Peixoto) also;

Alagoas is the 2nd tour route in the northeast just behind Bahia.

The municipality of Maragogi has the clearest waters of Brazil. And one of the best SPA.

The home of Marshal Deodoro is now a museum, with pots spit in the room.

Alagoas has the 1st dam in the world, located in the municipality of Delmiro Gouveia. It' is the 2nd largest producer of sugarcane in Brazil, behind only of São Paulo.

Alagoas has the second largest gas reserves in Brazil, no fuel.

The beach of the French was discovered by the French when they came to take the Brazilian wood named "pau-brasil". Alagoas still has "pau-brasil".On the beach of French is common to see dolphins, gray and black.

If you want to pay cheap in Maceió, haggle, you have the price, coconut R$1.00 (0.47US$), and oyster, with R$3.00 (US1.42) you buy 20 oysters, depends on you.

Today, Alagoas is one of the poorest states in this South America Country.

O litoral é composto por uma série de praias excelentes e recifes intrigantes. 

É também caracterizada por uma fascinante rede de lagos e lagoas, de onde o Estado realmente tem o seu nome. As praias são banhadas por colinas verdes.

As the tourists continue to find delight in the secluded beaches and rustic towns of Alagoas, some areas, such as the capital, Maceió, have expanded their services and resources to accommodate these visitors from all over the world. Other places, like Maragogi and Japaratinga, are starting to establish tourist resorts and the like for the benefit of international visitors. 

During your time in Alagoas, you are urged to see: 

• The Festa Junina (Saint John Festival) on 24 June each year 

• Pajuçara Beach in Maceió 

• Nossa Senhora Da Corrente 

• São Francisco (São Francisco / Nossa Senhora dos Anjos) 

• São Gonçalo Garcia 

Attractions abound. Paripueira first municipality in the region, is known for pools of calm and warm waters. Ideal environment to take the family, without worrying about waves and rough seas. The Island of Crôa, in Barra de Santo Antônio, displays a large expanse of sand banks, with mazes and large corrals fishing. Another option is to ride off road by the beach named "Carro quebrado" (Broken Car) following to Praia de Morros in 'Matriz de Camaragibe" where cliffs orange make up the scenario.

São Miguel dos Milagres, Porto de Pedras and Japaratinga among the region's most charming retreats. There tourists can find cozy inns with a different ambiance, high quality service and a hospitality landmark of a simple people. The local cuisine calls attention to the flavor and diversity

Maragogi stands out as the 2nd tourist hub of the state. The main attraction is the natural pools or galleys, perfect haven for a good swim. On the north coast, the Coral Coast with the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, is a spectacle, unique and unparalleled. Other options are buggy rides, nature trails and the contemplation of the manatee. Impossible not leave renewed after breathing the fresh air in direct contact with the exuberant nature.

Here is more tourism related information:

(All pictures credit: by Hugo Torres)

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